Greenery: Secure Crypto Bookkeeping & Management

"Greenery, Securely Manage your crypto with ENS integration."

TL;DR: A non custodial wallet with bookkeeping and accounting functionality is a digital wallet that lets you manage your cryptocurrency easily, safely, and keep track of your transactions. It's like a personal finance manager for your cryptocurrency. When combined with Ethereum Name Service, it lets you send Ethereum to human-readable addresses, simplifying transactions and making it easier to participate in DeFi and governance voting. Overall, it's a valuable tool for anyone who uses cryptocurrency and wants to manage their finances more efficiently.

Greenery is a non custodial cryptocurrency wallet with bookkeeping and accounting functionality, enabled with Ethereum Name Service (ENS) for sending Ethereum to human-readable addresses. This solution offers several benefits that can greatly improve the user experience and security of cryptocurrency transactions. Firstly, a non custodial wallet ensures that users have full control over their digital assets, reducing the risk of hacking or theft. Additionally, bookkeeping and accounting functionality provides users with detailed financial records and the ability to track their transactions, simplifying tax reporting and improving financial management. The integration with Ethereum Name Service allows users to send Ethereum to human-readable addresses, which greatly simplifies the process of sending transactions and making payments to other users. Greenery also supports the Walletconnect protocol, which makes it easier for users to interact with DeFi protocols, participate in governance voting, among other use cases. As a non custodial cryptocurrency wallet Greenery improves upon security of other wallets, simplifies transactions, and provides a more streamlined financial management experience. I urge the community to vote in favor of this project and support the future of decentralized finance. Thank you.

Here is a demo: