DAO TOKYO Community Proposal

DAO TOKYO, a conference focused on gathering experts to share the growing knowledge about DAOs

Why we need scholarship DAO TOKYO is an international event focused on DAOs, which is the first of its kind to be held in the Asian region, with the aim of providing the latest information and knowledge about DAOs. Such an international event is expected to make a significant contribution to the development of DAOs and the Web3 ecosystem in Asia.

Fracton Ventures is Japan’s first incubator specializing in the Web3 field and aims to promote the development of the DAO sector in the Asian region through DAO TOKYO. For such companies and projects, grants to DAO TOKYO can be seen as an important investment in their businesses and expansion into the Asian region.

DAO TOKYO is expected to have a wide range of participants from around the world, including DAOs, Web3-related companies, developers, and engineers. Such a diverse group of participants could lead to potential business expansion and collaboration in the Asian region, which would be a significant asset for companies, projects, and DAOs.

For these reasons, we need this scholarship.