GasHawk: Save on TX fees - for FREE

Save on Ethereum gas fees. For FREE. Really.

Ethereum users are paying 25% too much for their transactions!

The Ethereum network is a powerful tool for decentralized finance and other applications, but it also comes with a cost: high and volatile transaction fees. Many users are paying more than they need to, especially for non-time-critical transactions. The GasHawk team has developed a solution to this problem: a service that monitors the network and predicts the optimal time to submit a transaction, saving users an average of 25-40% on fees - visit

GasHawk is designed for transactions with a time window of at least 10 minutes, and the longer the deadline, the greater the potential savings. By targeting local minima in gas prices, GasHawk helps users pay the lowest possible fee for their transactions, even during periods of low fees. The service is free to use and is as easy as connecting your Metamask to GasHawk’s RPC. We also provide an SDK and a REST API - find more info in the docs.

GasHawk is a public good for the Ethereum network. It is non-custodial, freely accessible to all, and aims to help users save money on transaction fees, optimize their transactions during periods of low fees, and prepare for future price volatility. The GasHawk team believes that GasHawk is a valuable addition to the Ethereum ecosystem and would be a worthy recipient of a grant to continue its development. If awarded the grant, the team plans to use the 1 ETH to reimburse users for their residual transaction fees until the entire grant is used and other incentives for community building as well as educational content. Additionally, the team will invest in further research and development to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the service and make it more user-friendly.

In summary, GasHawk is a powerful solution to the problem of high and volatile transaction fees on the Ethereum network, helping users save money and optimize their transactions. It is a public good that is accessible to all, and its development should be supported through a grant. Users can have peace of mind knowing that GasHawk will automate their transactions while focusing on maximum gas savings.

UPDATES since ENS Public Goods Small Grants Round 6:

  • Paid out 5 rounds of 51% reimbursements back to the users.
  • GasHawk has been nominated for DAO Drops.
  • A user created a very helpful onboarding explainer video.
  • Demo at Bankless DAO / FightClub
  • Actively working on the production of educational explainer videos for the landing page.
  • An experiment regarding short deadlines shows that even time windows in the range of 1-3 minutes may achieve around 10% savings on average - research to be continued.
  • More than 660 individual users onboarded to date.