Zyla (no-cost) referral links

Supporters generate links and get rewarded when they're used to mint.

This project was conceived of by Zyla as a means to incentivize and reward supporters through the use of referral links and is being developed by Abstract Goods. When released, it will be open-source and available for use by any NFT project via the provided website.

Here’s how it works:

  1. To enable referral links for your NFT project, first visit the project website to register, then follow the simple integration instructions. This is necessary to handle referral links that reach your site.
  2. Your supporters can then use the project website (or your integration) to generate unique referral links and share them however they they like. Optionally, an ENS domain may be used instead of an Ethereum address.
  3. When the link is used, the referral code and connected wallet address are stored on Arweave using a private key generated for your project. This data is well below 100KB and will be uploaded for free via Bundlr.
  4. When you’re ready to distribute rewards, visit the project website again to view and download a complete list of successful referrals. At this point, all ENS domains are resolved and rewards flow to the resolved address.
  5. Finally, use the referral list with your tool-of-choice to reward supporters via airdrops, allowlists, and more.

Zyla x Abstract Goods

This tool will be launched with Zyla to bring referral links to their ongoing open edition, still how everything stops [video]. At the end of the season, supporters will be able to claim one edition for each mint associated with their referral link. This is an innovative alternative to existing referral schemes (that commonly allocate a % of the mint price to rewards) and a fun way for supporters to bring attention to their favorite projects.

We look forward to launching with your support in the coming weeks. By seeking public goods funding we intend to establish a model for future projects with our launch partners. Funding incentivizes partners to support the development of public goods, while partnership ensures that funded projects are immediately useful.

Thank you, 💚 ENS!