WB Marketplace

Empowering, inspiring, and educating women with ENS

What is WOMEN BIZ (WB)?

Women Biz is a community of women empowering women through the web3. We are a team of 20 ambassadors representing us across the country and more than 100 active women participating in our events.

What are we looking for with our project?

WB Marketplace seeks to empower and support women in their entrepreneurial endeavors and help them overcome some of the challenges and barriers they may face in the business world, also educating them in web3 and blockchain.

We are focusing in the number of Women who have business, education or aspire to be one of them. For example, in LATAM, 38.1% of entrepreneurs are women, for example of a total of 1,865,860 entrepreneurs, 709,933 are wome and female entrepreneurs are relatively younger than males. That means we can get more women if we focus on LATAM market.

In fact, our marketplace is the perfect place for female entrepreneurs to offer their products, services, and mentorship in a safe and reliable way. But that's not all!. The users will earn coins for every action they take on our platform, which will allow them to get incredible benefits and rewards.

In addition, with ENS as a partner we will do many actions like educating about Blockchain, ENS ecosystem, ETH and wallets. Another point is that more women will have access to make transfer between differents coins in our platform.

Finally, the time to develolp our project is two months and we plann to start on april. There is no doubt the support of ENS is important to achieve our project.