Transforming the Creator Economy Through ENS

Empowering Creators: Decentralized Tipping and Support Systems Facilitated by ENS

My goal is to provide comprehensive education on the decentralized payment structure of ENS, enabling Content Creators to take advantage of this technology. By combining the peer-to-peer nature of the Ethereum Blockchain, and combining it with a “human readable address,” such as ENS, we create a new type of decentralized Creator Economy. A phrase I coined “Fan-to-Creator.”

Tip culture is HUGE on social media platforms. Current tipping and support structures found on platforms such as TikTok have a large, centralized Creator Economy. Creators that go "live" during a live-stream event can be tipped "gifts" that can be exchanged for fiat currency, but the catch is TikTok takes a 50% commission fee! Take another popular service, Patreon, that takes anywhere from 5%-12% commission fee to use their subscription based platform. By utilizing the Ethereum Network and ENS, we have a seamless way for creators to be tipped in a safe, secure and decentralized way with no hidden fees or trusted third parties.

My objective is to leverage my platform (fyp.eth) to educate and facilitate the on-boarding of Content Creators, empowering them to capitalize on the emerging paradigm shift in the Web3 Creator Economy. I plan to provide a blueprint for how Creators of all backgrounds can take control over their audience and generate new revenue streams via ENS-based decentralized tipping and support systems. By showcasing the benefits and potential of this innovative technology, I aim to not only educate Creators on its use, but also encourage broader adoption of ENS within the Creator Economy. Ultimately, I envision a future where the "Fan-to-Creator" payment model, made possible through ENS and blockchain technology, becomes the norm for content creators ushering in a new era of decentralization, transparency, and financial independence in the Creator Economy.