Unruggable Subname Rentals

Creating a plug-and-play solution for unruggable rentals of subnames.

What are we Building?

We are building a smart contract based system that extends the capabilities of the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) NameWrapper contract, enabling "unruggable" rentals of .eth domain subnames. The contract allows domain name owners to offer subnames for rent with the assurance of automatic renewals based on predetermined conditions, such as timely payments.

Why is it Necessary?

Our contract provides essential functionality for decentralized and trustless subname rentals in the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) ecosystem. By extending the capabilities of the NameWrapper contract, it addresses the following challenges:

Trustless Rentals: Traditionally, subname rentals involve a certain level of trust between the parent domain name owner and the renter. Or system eliminates this trust requirement by contractually binding renter and rentee to a set of pre-defined conditions.

Customizable Renewal Conditions: Our solution allows parent domain name to specify custom renewal conditions ensuring a transparent and predictable rental experience for both parties.

Streamlined Subname Management: By leveraging the capabilities of the NameWrapper contract, our system simplifies the process of creating, renting, and renewing subnames.

In summary, our system is necessary to promote a more secure, transparent, and efficient rental experience for ENS subnames.