GM GM Nigeria ENS Alpha Show

Onboarding Educating and building the Nigerian ENS community

The GM GM Nigeria ENS show is a daily Twitter Spaces series that connects the Nigerian ENS community with global networks. With 160 episodes and counting, we promote education, research, and community building through English, pidgin, and local languages. We curate Nigerian ENS names and plan to expand to other ENS communities with a formal curation process. To improve online visibility, we'll set up sales bots and trackers. We also plan to hold technical ENS educational workshops in Nigerian languages and build ENS solutions to address community and societal issues. rewrite and make it elaborate with over 320 characters

The GM GM Nigeria ENS show has been a driving force in the Nigerian Ethereum Name Service (ENS) community, having just celebrated its 160th episode of daily Twitter Spaces. Our show is dedicated to onboarding, research, education, fun, and community building, and has been successful in bringing together the Nigerian ENS community, as well as connecting them to the global community.

We take pride in our ability to cascade information and communication seamlessly in English, pidgin English, and local languages. As a community, we have curated, evaluated, and collected Nigerian-related names for the ENS, and we intend to expand our focus to other ENS communities.

To achieve our goal of expansion, we plan to keep the show running daily and establish a formal curation and categorization process for Nigerian ENS names. Additionally, we aim to improve our online visibility through the establishment of sales bots and trackers.

We also intend to hold Technical ENS Educational workshops in Nigerian languages, which will help us to educate our community on the latest developments in the ENS space. Our workshops will cover a wide range of topics, including how to register and manage ENS names, how to use ENS in smart contracts, and how to develop decentralized applications (DApps) using ENS.

Finally, we will build ENS solutions that address specific issues in our community and society at large. Our solutions will be tailored to meet the needs of our community and will leverage the unique properties of ENS to provide decentralized, secure, and user-friendly solutions.

In conclusion, The GM GM Nigeria ENS show is committed to promoting the adoption of ENS in Nigeria and beyond. We believe that our show, combined with our proposed initiatives, will help to promote the growth and development of the ENS ecosystem, while also addressing important issues in our community and society.