leveraging the power of fractionalization to make the ownership of ENS assets affordable

Fractional Grails is a revolutionary project that aims to make the ownership of premium ENS names accessible to individuals from low-income countries like Nigeria. Our platform leverages the power of fractionalization to make the ownership of these assets affordable, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this new initiative.

However, we are yet to launch the project, and we're currently in the process of developing the platform. We have a team of experienced developers and ENS experts who are working tirelessly to ensure that the platform meets the highest standards of security and functionality.

That said, launching a project of this magnitude requires a significant amount of resources, and we're seeking a grant to speed up the development process. With the grant, we can accelerate the development of the platform, hire more developers, and acquire the necessary resources to ensure that Fractional Grails is launched on time and meets the needs of the ENS community.

By receiving the grant, we can fast-track the development of the platform, build a robust ecosystem around fractionalized ENS names, and provide a low-cost entry point for individuals from low-income countries to participate in the ENS ecosystem.

In conclusion, the grant would be instrumental in helping us bring the Fractional Grails platform to life. We're committed to making ENS ownership accessible to everyone, and with your support, we can make this a reality. Thank you for considering our proposal.