Sofamon: Gamified crypto interface with ENS Hoodie

Help ENS users display their on-chain identity with cute ENS hoodie on every website

Why we do this?

ENS currently only appears as a string of letters on static websites like Etherscan, making it difficult to connect on-chain identities with real-world personas. In real life, Sofamon physical merch such as customizable hoodie and hat is a good solution.

This is a sample image.

How we solve this?

Imagine visualizing users' on-chain identities on every website as an extension sidekick, where they can dress up their character with wearable NFTs earned from on-chain activities, such as a unique ENS hoodie. Sofamon brings this vision to life, allowing players to engage with their on-chain identities on websites, evolve them, and earn rewards.

Each Sofamon is a token-bound account (EIP6551) capable of owning other NFTs, including ENS names. Players who register an ENS name are eligible to receive an ENS hoodie to display on their websites.

What do we plan to do?

With the small grant, we aim to design an ENS hat or even customizable ENS merchandise for Sofamon!