ENS Chain Letter

An ENS-based crypto art project

The ENS Chain Letter is an NFT that can only be transferred from ENS name to ENS name. This way, it explores one unique path through the social graph of ENS name holders. It is a social experiment: Every account it passes through has full control over the fate of the project. By choosing the next receiver, they are indirectly deciding on all of the future holders. And if they don't send it forward, the project is dead. Which path will it take? And how long can it go? Let's find out.

You can find the generative visual representation of the NFT at https://ens-chain-letter.xyz. It is a continuous rainbow arc connecting the previous owners, set on a white circle. Every transfer extends the arc with a new segment. As a result, every holder in the history of the NFT leaves their individual mark on the graphic and, in summation, the visualization is a collaborative, ever-changing, and unpredictable artwork.

Both in the physical and in the digital world, chain letters have a very bad reputation: They are, rightfully, often perceived as spam. This is due to them commonly multiplying exponentially: "Send this letter to five of your friends (or you will die a horrible death)." The blockchain enables the ENS Chain Letter to be different: As opposed to physical letters and emails, NFTs are unclonable, so there will ever only be one edition and exponential growth is impossible. And, at least so far, no one attached a curse to the letter.

The project is still very new: The contract was deployed at time of writing 9 days ago. So far, the letter has visited five accounts (jannikluhn.eth, pluch.eth, matoken.eth, nick.eth, validator.eth).