1W3.eth - Take control of your Digital Identity!

A secured, censorship resistant Linktree alternative.

What we are building?

1W3.eth is a linktree alternative for the decentralized web. Your personal, censorship-resistant hub to showcase your unique identity and creations. With your own Web3 domain, you'll have complete control over your digital presence, free from centralized control. Effortlessly integrate your social profiles, portfolio, blog, NFTs, videos, podcasts, photos, calendar, and more, all on a single, customizable page.

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Build from scratch or choose from ready templates Users can choose a template readily available or build their own design using the tools available in links builder. Templates|690x349

IPNS integration to save gas fee Our platform now integrates IPNS, which allows users to save on gas fees whenever they update their Web3Site. However, we understand that some users may prefer to use IPFS instead because of IPNS centralized nature. As such, we have made it possible for users to choose between IPFS and IPNS for their ENS content hash based on their individual preferences.

What users can create using 1W3.eth

At 1W3.eth, users have the ability to create a diverse range of content. Some examples include:

link in bio ( ENS linktree) Blogs Personal Portfolio Business websites Resume Sell domain landing page More.....

1W3.eth provides the flexibility and tools necessary for users to create unique and compelling content that meets their specific needs. Whether you're an individual looking to showcase your skills and experiences, or a business seeking to establish an online presence, we have the resources to help you achieve your goals. With our user-friendly interface and robust features, the possibilities are endless.

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