Agendaweb3 Project

Onboard Spanish Speaking Society is our ultimate goal


Agendaweb3 Project focus and goal is to onboard Spanish speaking Society into web3 through ENS.

With over 540 millions of native spanish speakers to date, no spanish language country has been on top 5 visitors at website since 2022.

At Agendaweb3, we strongly believe this can be changed.

In order to create interest and boost demand , we want to start with good education. For that purpose we have 3 channels: Website Twitter accounts (including personals) Youtube channel (7,000 followers) Website was designed to explain the easiest way possible what are ENS domains, how do they differentiate to others and how can they be used in order that almost anyone can understand the concept.

In adittion, we created a Blog with already 7 (seven) articles with Information we consider valuable and our goal is to keep loading more.

Last but not least, we exhibit at Home Page 3 important projects so the reader can understand better what is the Utility of ENS:

We also have redirection to .

Youtube channel has released 10 videos talking and discussing about Web3 and ENS. Please let me insert the link: .

That being said, we would love to keep our work.

Thank you very much.

Agendaweb3 Team