ENS Office onboards.

Propelling Real World Businesses to web3

Introduction ENS Office is a full-service agency specialized in ENS names. It is our aim to educate consumers, consult businesses and train onboarders. We are excited about our recent success with the Open Food Chain Foundation and their commitment to onboard 4,000 farmers utilizing subdomains IRL (purchased ofc.eth / openfoodchain.eth for 5 Ξ).

We believe that with your support, we can replicate this success and help more organizations and individuals embrace ENS technology.

ENS Office is dedicated to promoting the adoption of ENS technology and growing the surrounding community. Our goal is to inspire new possibilities in blockchain technology as a whole by helping businesses, organizations, and individuals understand the benefits and potential use cases of ENS domains.

Our Services -Consulting on ENS technology, domain acquisition, and domain management -Educational content, workshops, and webinars on ENS technology and web3 adoption -Customized training programs tailored to individual needs and goals

These services help clients achieve their goals and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

Impact and Success Story Our recent success with the Open Food Chain Foundation resulted in the successful purchase of ofc.eth (brokered) and openfoodchain.eth (registered) domains. They have committed to onboard 4,000 farmers utilizing subdomains, demonstrating the potential of ENS technology for social impact and real-world use cases. Furthermore, the organization was impressed by ENS technology, specifically:

  • Trusted address book
  • Wallet flexibility
  • ID usability (problem solved: farmers not being introduced to 0x-addresses and enhanced customer UI/UX)
  • Payments and re-structuring of organizational information

We are requesting a grant to continue and expand our business. The grant will be used for: -Enhancing our content and outreach efforts -Developing new workshops and webinars for businesses -Scaling our consulting and training services to reach more clients

By supporting ENS Office, the ENS DAO and wider ecosystem, will benefit from increased adoption of ENS domains, a stronger community, and the potential for more successful projects like the Open Food Chain Foundation.

Future Plans and Commitments With the support of the ENS DAO, we aim to: -Expand our services to onboard more clients using ENS technology (Incentivized model with ENS Officers worldwide, After Sales educational content) -Develop strategic partnerships with industry players to promote ENS adoption (e.g. ENS HQ, DomainPlug, ENS.Vision, ENS Academy, Web3Domains and various creators on Twitter). -Continuously update our content and resources to stay current with the latest trends and developments

Conclusion In summary, we believe that a grant from the ENS DAO will significantly enhance our ability to promote ENS adoption, educate businesses and users, and contribute to the growth of the ecosystem. We are grateful for the opportunity to submit this proposal and are eager to collaborate with the ENS DAO to achieve our shared goals and see ENS being adopted IRL.

Thank you for considering our proposal. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require additional information.

Twitter references success story: https://twitter.com/OpenFoodChain/status/1643201644497186816?s=20 https://twitter.com/Amartweet/status/1642958313535971336?s=20