Maximize your web3 presence with your ENS domain!

ENSRedirect is a tool to help ENS domain holders make the most out of their .eth names. Users can generate and showcase their Web3 profile by seamlessly integrating videos and podcasts from their favorite social platforms, or by easily redirecting their domain to any website – all for free. Hosted on ENS and IPFS!

We aim to provide users with an easy and efficient way to utilize their ENS domains, whether they want to redirect their domains to their social or professional profiles, promote their work, support a cause, or just have some fun with memes and videos. We launched in November 2021 and have already attracted over 500 unique users.

Our latest feature allows content creators to host their content on their ENS domains by generating their personalized profiles. We embed videos on the profile, allowing users to connect with their audience across all their social media platforms to their ENS domain all on one page.

Check out our new site website, currently in beta testing and explore our latest feature, and share your feedback with us!❤️

Important links

Website ensredirect.xyz

Github https://github.com/ENS-Redirect/ensredirect-v2-react

Twitter https://twitter.com/ensredirect