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Without analytics, it can be difficult to understand how users are interacting with the ENS platform, making it challenging to make data-driven decisions. The lack of insight into user behavior patterns can result in missed opportunities for growth, suboptimal user experiences, and inefficient use of resources. In addition, the ENS governance process may not be as effective without analytics, as it becomes harder to identify trends in voting patterns or understand the impact of proposed changes.


ENS Browse provides a comprehensive analytics and domain management platform, which enables users to gain valuable insights into the ENS ecosystem. With analytics, users can track metrics such as registrations, renewals, new and remaining users, active users, and revenue for the ecosystem. Additionally, the analytics platform provides insights into governance voters and proposals, allowing users to make informed decisions based on trends and patterns.


At the moment, the MVP version includes 3 main pages for analytics:

  • Home page - contains general data on recent trends in the area of users, registrations and renewals of domains and can also monitor the trend of records (primary names, avatars, content hash) that are set
  • Users - Details about users
  • Revenue - Revenue details
  • Governance - Governance details including top voters and data on all proposals

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Other possibilities offered by ENS Browse

The ENS Browse platform is not limited to analytics only. We can also find learning threads and domain management tools. ENS Browse gives you the ability to register a domain, manage the profile, edit similar to social media from the world of web2 and provides a tool to change the avatar based on IPFS, where the user in 3 simple steps (connect wallet, select domain, upload avatar) is able to change his avatar (PFP).

Link ENS Browse

ENS Browse VS Dune Analytics and nick.eth Lookerstudio report with ENS analytics

Dune Analytics and Lookerstudio report, likewise, does not offer the possibility of combining analytical data with other tools. This may be a limitation for users who want to use the results of analyzes from Dune Analytics in conjunction with other analytical or business tools. In contrast, ENS Browse offers tools with analytics connection, which gives the ability to combine analytics data with other tools and can be important for businesses that want to integrate data from different sources to get a more complete picture of their business and make it easier to decide on integrating the ecosystem ENS to their needs.

How will we use the grant?

We will use the funds to maintain the infrastructure. (queries are not cheap thing...)


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