Bad Dog Domains

Identity & Access Management platform on ENS protocol

Bad Dog is an Identity & Access Management (IAM) platform enabling media companies, brands, creators and influencers to give access and signaling rights (via subdomain identity) to their users and followers. It's being built on top of the new name wrapper contracts.

Why build this, when the ENS App exists? Two reasons:

  • Managing subdomains for access to paid newsletter / content means managing 1k to 1M+ subdomains. ENS app is not built for this use case.
  • Most brands and inflencers are not degen enough to create subdomains on L2s, keep the coins for right gas, and manage access of their users and followers. They would also like to access this in a web2-looking dashboard, similar to how they manage email access for their employees. Bad Dog will abstract away the gas and L2 complexity, asking for fixed subscription fee.

Who are the ultimate users, and what do they want? Most companies give identity and resource permissions to their employees only. But there is a whole other dimension that has been underutilized from an identity-signaling perspective: Customers, Users, Fans, and Followers (CUFF). CUFFs participate in multiple communities, and they want to signal their belongingness distinctly in each situation. E.g. a CUFF, Nick, would like to use the name on Youtube when watching and commenting on Mr BEast's videos, Nick.huskies.marchmadness on Twitter to show his support for his fav team, and Nick.dysonlover on Dyson forums.

Initial Use Case to focus on Allocate subdomains based on membership tiers, e.g. paid newsletters

Initial Customers to focus on Newsletter businesses, Podcast Hosts (e.g. Not Boring, Pomp), and Fan Clubs (singers, writers, musicians, sports, politics)