Ethereum Brasil Community ID

Taking all community onchain

We did a pilot project under guidance of to create wrapped subdomains for all atendees at ethereum rio in March last month: We collaborated with the nimi team to have the landing page for wrapped subdomains, but they didn’t manage to deliver on time. We’re applying for grant to pay devs in the community to our own page for all people in the community with our own poap-type nfts. The idea is that in future a community member will build up community points and be able to claim x tickets for event, swag etc, A digital membership card as opposed to a nft ticket. At registration photo is taken of member, and member gets a QR code. When member goes to event, claim swag, etc the event org scans qr, verify person and photo match, and no need for wristbands, tickets, registration etc. Also can be scanned by any person to see photo and list of media links. Applying for grant for step 1 of roadmap, to be ready for Ethereum São Paulo hackathon on 23-25 June, USP, no 1 university in latam with ~80k students: a. design and create member public page b. Design and create member edit profile page c. Design and create landing page to create profile d. Create system for generation of unique urls for each hacker to create 1 profile

Not-so-fun Fact - the building we’re holding hackathon was a few months ago holding a hackathon. It was infiltrated by a org gang who took part in the hackathon and during the night made off with about 30 laptops. This would be a great way to greatly decrease the chance of this happening again