TKN.eth: ENS's Subdomain Token List

Augmenting ENS's public utility via an on-chain token database

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ENS's Native Token Database

⁉️ Problems

  • Most all dapps and wallets today use centralized token lists.
  • DWeb users don't know where to find decentralized frontend interfaces for their favorite dapps

👋 Introduction

TKN is onchain: TKN utilizes ENS subdomains (of tkn.eth) to create a democratized, onchain tokenlist for all of crypto. (Example: uni.tkn.eth resolves all of $UNI's metadata)
App: Visit to view and submit updates to the database.
DWeb: View the frontend UI for any dapp with a decentralized website:
TKN belongs to everyone: TKN allows anyone to submit improvements to the dataset, while verifying all changes
ENS is powerful infrastructure: TKN intends to demonstrate ENS's ability to host other protocols, as a foundational lego

🌍 Scope

Just as ENS is multichain, TKN intends to organize all ticker symbols across all crypto ecosystems.

📸 Product Screenshots:

Web App Web App Screenshot
Editing Interface
Web App Editor
Mobile App
Mobile App Screenshot
Decentralized Frontend
Decentralized Frontend Screenshot

🏗️ Developers

New: WIP Docs:


💵 Utilization of funds:

0.7 Eth will directly fund a 50% increase in tokens in the tkn.eth dataset.

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