Arabic Web3 Education

Producing Arabic content that offers valuable insights into Web3.

User education and awareness serve as the initial stride towards enhancing technology accessibility.

The Arabic-speaking population exceeds 400 million across 13 diverse countries worldwide. Approximately 20-25% of these individuals live near or below the poverty line. Thus, it becomes crucial to engage these potential Web3 users to facilitate global adoption. By empowering these underserved communities, we can make a significant and transformative difference in their lives and provide them with a fair chance to thrive in the emerging technological revolution.

Check out my first video on ‘Blockchain Concepts 101’ (in Arabic) made over a year ago

Topics I focus on: Blockchain Technology, Decentralization, Ethereum, Web3.0, Types of wallets, NFT concepts, Marketplaces, Listing/Delisting NFTs, DeFi, ENS, Competitive blockchains...etc.

I grew my YouTube audience over the span of a year:

  • From 0 to over 11K Views
  • Over 620 hours of watched time on my videos


  • Targeting Young People: 96.3% of the Viewers ages between 18-34Y
  • Targeting Middle East: Top 2 viewers' cities are in the Middle East.
  • Organic Traffic: Top 3 sources of traffic are Browsing Youtube, External (Twitter, Google, Telegram, WhatsApp..), Youtube Search.

My next goal this year is to create a well-organized website to categorize all my educational content and keep producing valuable videos around my focus topics. The website will forever be FREE and accessible worldwide.

My next milestone is my YouTube Channel to reach 25K views.