Thirdfund is a decentralized fund raiser platform, effortlessly raise funds/donations with crypto

Problem statement - Creators and builders in the web3 space who are building products, arts, collections, and more, most times have problems with funding and raising funds from friends and community, and this affects the overall progress of onboarding the next billion users into the web3 space. Fundraiser platforms on web2 are hooked with debit cards and bank models for fundraising or donations. This usually creates the struggle of debit card rejection, bank network error, transaction limits, country fintech restrictions, strict rules&policies of use, high transaction charges, the unnecessary quest for confidential user data, etc

Solution - Thirdfund is decentralized (you don’t need to link your bank details or debit card) Effortlessly connect your crypto wallet, create a fundraiser, provide your wallet address or domain), and automatically get a funding contract in less than 1 minute, use your funding contract as a deposit slip to receive funding and donations round the world with zero gas transactions and no third party, end the fundraiser at your quest and get your funds deposited to your wallet address automatically no time lapse. Our platform has swift ux, and all transactions are recorded on our public ledger which users can access via search, thirdfund is safe, fast, free, and transparent which is why we chose blockchain technology.

Project features - Generate Fundraisers Find Fundraisers (Support projects and creators) Donate to Fundraisers