Giveth - Building the Future of Giving

Giving upside to funding public goods & MORE!

Giveth's purpose is to build the future of Giving. Our vision is that giving is frictionless and people are rewarded for making positive impact.

Giving with & without Giveth:

Giving without Giveth is a one-way street. You give, hope for the best & that's it.

Giving on Giveth means you can give to your favorite public goods projects & be rewarded with up to 80% of what you donated on $GIV. For the first time, we can fund public goods, and if the GIVeconomy grows even potentially get a profit on your donation.

Furthermore, Giveth aims to integrate with the public goods funding legos to offer a robust suite of fundraising tools for public good projects including: Quadratic funding, yield on idle donations, streaming donations from savings accounts, NFT collections & more.

The end game:

We aim to help not-for-profit (or rather yes-for-community) projects create Regenerative Economies as a sustainable, antifragility & growth mechanism that makes public good projects investable, as well as, less dependent on grants and donations by tokenizing their impact.

What makes our model unique is that we are rewarding donors with GIV, so they can use it to invest in these regenerative economies.

Where we are:

We currently have a crowdfunding platform in 3 blockchains (Main Net, Gnosis, Polygon & more to come) where:

Anyone can donate to any project in the world with zero fees.

Donors supporting verified projects are rewarded with up to 80% of their donation back on GIV tokens.

Donors can stake their GIV to both earn a yield and get a utility token to support projects with additional benefits.

What will more funds help us build?

a. Quadratic funding on Giveth.

b. GIVfi: Yield generation on idle funds both on the project side & on the donor side streamed to projects.

c. Gurves: Help non-profit projects become DAOs & launch their own token collateralized on GIV by donors/investors in a bonding curve.

What're Giveth benefits for public good stakeholders?


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