ImmutableType Journalist DAO toolkit

Journalists funding via DAO

ImmutableType is building decentralized journalism tools on the blockchain to further trusted journalism.

One mechanism necessary to decentralize away from traditional journalism structures is to empower local journalism funding from their communities. We intend to support this activity with DAO tools which facilitate onchain funding. Local DAOs will generate an ENS subname of immutabletype.eth which will generate a web2 display layer of DAO members and funding status and proposals.

The funds of this grant will be used to develop the first working alpha and be closed to a target user group of benefactors due the testing phase.

While not groundbreaking or novel technology within web3, this will be highly impactful when onboarding early majority adoption. This experience will be the foundation to extract away web3 to meet the expectations of a web2 world seeking to engage with news and journalism. We need to provide this experience to the web2 world to begin their path to participate frictionlessly with web3 and dapp fundamentals, such as participating in community DAOs.