A native Web3 browser and builder that lets you see the Past, Present and Future of the Internet.

Magic.eth - Whos the fairest browser of them all? One that only shows you the true ReflectionNFT of a Web3 address. if there is a we can see each other through, we can reset the trust of the internet.

Introducing Magic - the revolutionary, native Web3 browser and builder that shows us the Past, Present and Future of the Internet.

Magic is a self-contained Web3 browser that can be instantiated inside of any typical browser or application browser view, making it an incredibly versatile tool.

Magic means to normalize consent based browsing for a reconnecting world and reset the foundation of the internet.

Think of this as the Google moment of Web3. The interface is incredibly intuitive, much like the search/address bar of Google. By simply inputting an ETH domain such as 0x0z.eth, or Vitalik.eth, users can easily access the active content for that ENS domain. But that's not all, with Magic, users can even skip the .eth and directly jump into marketplaces like by typing And this is just the beginning.

An important part of the 0x0z Yellow Brick Roadmap is to continue to iterate on the MagicdAppuntil it can become a full, stand alone/non-chromium browser to help set a new standards that might be hindered by the current crowd of internet browsing tools.

But what truly sets Magic apart is its dream.eth dWeb Studio, the most magical way to create your own decentralized websites and add more power to your Web3 domains. It's a powerful tool that makes digital content creation incredibly easy and seamless. With the Army.eth building along side you, Websites, Landing Pages, Marketplaces via 駝int.eth Integration, and vast monetization methods enabled by our EADS.eth - Ethereum Ads Service, a new Web is at our fingertips!

Futhermore, Magic is home to the 潃儭atlas.eth Virtual Registry that unifies all name service domains into one portable and localized service. This allows builders to create and modify any Web3 name service metadata so it can be previewed in Magic by all of the users before committing the fix to the blockchain. This should help save gas and create a trusted live environment for the development of Web3.