- find new NFT collectors 🖼️

Twittens helps you to find and connect with NFT collectors on Twitter by leveraging ENS records 🥂 helps you to discover and connect with new collectors and NFT enthusiasts 🥂

Twittens is powered by NFT ownership data, ENS twitter text-record and is leveraging Twitter API.

The most popular social choices of today's NFT market.

Twittens brings insight, curiosity and connections in the web3 social space. It also enables you to edit your twitter text-record in your ENS domain with just a few clicks using website - it's an open-source! Users on Twittens are all verified on-chain!

You can also check our leaderboard within the supported NFT collections: 🥇

If you are missing any collection, request it and we'll add it immediately - we build this product for scale, to support all builders, artists and creators ✨

We'll use funds to improve the website, allow projects to embed this data to their experiences, support real-time data and cover expenses 🙌