Ethereum Network Visualization Tool

Using Network Science to Gain Deep Insights into Ethereum's Dynamics and User Interactions

Ethereum Network Visualization

Ethereum Blockchain Network Visualization [LINK]


One of the main challenges in understanding the Ethereum network is the difficulty in visualizing the flow of funds and relationships between addresses. With thousands of transactions happening every second, it can be overwhelming to follow the movement of funds, making it challenging to identify the origin and destination of a particular transaction. This problem is compounded by the use of anonymous addresses, making it challenging to track specific transactions and establish connections between them.


To address this problem, we are developing an application that visualizes the flow of funds and relationships between addresses on the Ethereum network. Our application converts the transactions to the weighted temporal network. Not only does it provide us with clear and intuitive data visualization but also enables us to study these networks leveraging advancements in network science for instance, making it easier to track the flow of funds and identify relationships between addresses or creating the ranking of domains based on the different network metrics.

We also integrate ENS domains and subdomains into our application to help users easily track specific transactions and addresses. Additionally, our solution allows users to track relationships within communities of subdomains, making it easier to identify patterns of transactions within specific groups of addresses.

Ethereum Blockchain Network Visualization [LINK]

How will we use the grant?

We plan to use a significant portion of the funds to invest in infrastructure to handle the massive amount of data that our application will process. We will use the infrastructure to store and preprocess the data before presenting it to the user.

Future steps

Our goal is to develop the functionality that will empower users to easily create their own Ethereum Blockchain Network with just a few clicks. By simply pasting their domain or address, users will be able to set up their very own customized blockchain network.

Moreover, we are also committed to developing advanced filtering capabilities that will allow users to effortlessly navigate and explore their blockchain network based on various criteria such as timeline, transaction types, network metrics, and more. This will provide unparalleled flexibility and control to users, making their blockchain experience truly seamless and intuitive.

In addition to enhancing user experience, our proposal also delves into cutting-edge network analysis topics. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of blockchain research and development by exploring areas such as Ether price prediction based on temporal network properties. We will develop the mathematical model that captures the intricate dynamics of user interactions within the blockchain community, allowing us to gain deep insights into the latest trends and behaviors shaping the ecosystem.

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