Built Different DAO

Helping build a shared community around Web3 and a more open and decentralized internet in Africa.

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Built Different is an African Web3 startup community and DAO started in Harare, Zimbabwe. We connect founders, developers and enthusiasts, build a shared and inclusive community around a more open, honest and decentralized internet in Africa.

It provides a community, events, and tools that can help users & developers learn more about Web3/Ethereum, get involved in community, & build dApps.

  • Connecting like-minded individuals who are passionate about Web3/Ethereum. Providing a resource for users & developers who are looking for support, advice, and collaboration.

  • We host monthly in-person events in Zimbabwe & Rwanda that create an opportunity for users & developers to learn more about Web3, meet other people who are interested in the technology, & network with potential partners.

  • It is building an open-source, more accessible Ethereum chat-wallet built for Africa on WhatsApp. This wallet will make it easier for Africans to use Web3, as it will be accessible through WhatsApp using EIP-4337.

  • And an open source platform that allows African startups to easily build dApps onto this wallet & WhatsApp. Making it easier for them to reach a wider audience.

  • We have a weekly newsletter where we curate the latest African Web3 and cryptocurrency news for the community (https://thedecentreport.substack.com/)

We started in October of 2022 and we have already organized and hosted 11 events, in two countries (i.e. Harare, Zimbabwe and Kigali, Rwanda) and we are working on getting into more countries. We are focused on making our community as diverse, inclusive and as accessible to the average African as possible.

We also have a growing online presence to help us keep the community engaged.

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