EVM Resolver as a Public Service

Resolve any EVM namespace including .eth cb.id .lens and more

Fetch wallet addresses and names from any EVM namespace

ENS is the leading onchain name service in terms of registrations and EVM integrations. However other EVM name services are emerging, including Avvy Domains on Avalanche, Optimism Name Service, Fantom Domains, Space ID on BNB Chain and Arbitrum, and Starknet ID, and CCIP implementations like Optinames and CB.ID.

Currently any project catering to an EVM userbase must identify, integrate, and maintain each resolver library separately. This is a complex task. Name services often need to individually partner with applications, which is inefficient. For end-users the experience is broken because their onchain names are not consistently reflected within the Ethereum ecosystem. This is a significant and growing pain point as more namespaces launch.

Everyname solves these problems by providing an API that fetches wallet addresses and names from any blockchain name service. This grant directly advances the Ethereum ecosystem by supporting us to integrate every EVM namespace into a powerful, open source, and free to use resolver API for the Ethereum community.