Regens Unite

Building bridges between regen communities

🌿 A movement of community events and educational media. ⭐ Recently featured on the Greenpill Podcast.

For web3 to have an impact on the world, it must connect with the people working on the ground..

Regens Unite is building bridges between all the different types of regenerative sectors by creating intentional spaces for learning, collaboration, and unification to drive forward global solutions together.

We bring together regenerative thinkers and doers in Climate Activism, Technology, Purpose Organizations, Cooperatives, DAOs, Impact Investing, Regenerative Finance (ReFi), Decentralized Science (DeSci), and Art.

We do this in 3 ways:

  • IRL events: we organize our own events to explore how we can create safe and brave spaces where all Regens feel warmly invited and where they can build new relationships outside of their respective bubble. Locals get to learn about web3 and people in web3 get to know about how we can regen our communities, our bodies, our environment (see video below).
  • Educational content: we create engaging educational content to expand and support the movement. Our "Regens Unite Handbook" facilitates independent, locally organized gatherings. Our recorded workshops and sessions from events are publicly available, and we curate relevant content through a monthly newsletter and a shared events calendar.
  • Support: we offer our support as a community to help fellow Regens organise new events or make their existing events more regenerative. This includes facilitation training or consulting, program curation, and marketing support.

Check our Regens Unite Berlin aftermovie πŸ‘‡

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What we're bringing to web3.

It’s no secret that web3 needs more diversity and more expertise to achieve true systems change at a global scale. If we want to build regenerative systems, we need everyone involved in the solution design process.

We are evolving the web3 space by:

  • Bringing in expertise from sectors outside of web3 to broaden the regen movement
  • Providing an avenue for innovative web3 projects to conduct research and receive rapid feedback outside of their bubble
  • Designing events with high-quality interaction, and safe spaces for experimentation to co-create web3 projects with local regens
  • Driving inclusivity and diversity in web3 through curated attendance, using application processes & scholarships
  • Creating toolkits and media to elevate project stories, educate on the regen movement, and inspire new groups to get involved

Recent accomplishments include:

Regens Unite Handbook

What you'll be helping us build:

Our goal is to raise funds to support our DAO and our growing community while we ramp up towards a sustainable model.

1. Supporting local events in Q2/Q3

We have 7 immediate IRL events in the works, check our calendar

2. Creating educational media & toolkits

Providing a platform for regenerative projects and events to be discovered by the wider community.

3. Developing new partnerships

Expanding our impact and reach (increasingly in the global south) through aligned partnerships, DAO-to-DAO collaboration, and toolkits to empower local event organizers.

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Regens Unite was born in May 2022 with a seed event in Brussels. Since then we have initiated 5 events in different locations, grown a Telegram group of 500+ regens, and formed a small, distributed team of dedicated regens passionate about advancing a regenerative future.

Visit our About page to learn more about our history with Gitcoin and our current trajectory.

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