Commons Stack

Funding Public Goods with Sustainable Token Economies


Leveraging our success with the Augmented Bonding Curve and Collaborative Economics for the Token Engineering Commons (TEC), we aim to further enable more Commons communities to launch their own economies by enhancing, documenting, and promoting our tools and protocols for creating sustainable token economies and public good-focused initiatives.

The TEC was launched in mid-2021, and since then the token price has performed about as well as Ethereum, yet all the community has done is give out grants to Token Engineering Projects.🤯🤯🤯

This is a very promising outcome for our first Pilot Commons. We seek to continue this success.

We are currently focusing on the following projects to empower Commons:

⚗️Commons Incubator. The purpose of this program will be to educate on commons and commoning (introducing the work of Elinor Ostrom, Peter Barnes, David Bollier, LabGov urban commons, etc.). We have sketched out an 8-module program skeleton to introduce commoning, define the community’s vision, design token allocation for contributions to the mission, collaboratively design parameters for a fund raise and, lastly, design and launch an ABC for the community. A large part of our program will be focused on developing a strong culture and robust governance mechanisms designed by the community that will be governed by them.

The Commons Are Coming

🧰ABC Toolkit. Our Augmented Bonding Curve (ABC) enables public good startups which were impossible before its creation. The ABC provides a framework for starting up a microeconomy. ENS has a large community and can attract large investment, so it could launch a token and create an economy, but small projects often can’t get the liquidity needed to launch a traditional economy. Our goal is to equip more ENS startups to self-deploy the ABC, boosting their liquidity and funding prospects. We will build a revamped version of the TEC co-developed dashboard that will provide more communities with greater flexibility and control over the fundraising process, democratizing access to ABC-based projects.

Augmenting Public Goods

Our Achievements

Years of research have gone into developing cultural frameworks, novel tools, and a radically inclusive methodology for launching commons-inspired economies:

Bridging theory with practice, these tools and methodology have seen successful real-world deployment. The Token Engineering Commons (TEC) has leveraged the Commons Stack design patterns to successfully establish their robust and dynamic token economy in 2021. The $TEC token has had relatively low volatility and performed about as well as $ETH since its Hatch in 2021. This is unheard of for a small market cap DAO that focuses on supporting public goods. In fact, the TEC ran its own round during Gitcoin’s last QF round to provide grants for token engineering projects. We hope to make it easy for web3 users to have access to this groundbreaking innovation in funding their public good start-ups.

Our Team

We are committed to fostering an inclusive work environment and prioritizing diversity and inclusion in all of our initiatives. We have an 80% female team with five (5) individuals from diverse cultural and geographic backgrounds, including women from the Philippines, Brazil, and Argentina. We believe that our diverse perspectives and experiences make us better able to understand and address the needs of a broader range of users and stakeholders. Here’s the full list of our team members:

This grant will help us make our Commons deployment protocols more accessible, engaging, and effective in supporting Web3 communities. We aim to create a positive impact on the Ethereum and Web3 ecosystem by promoting decentralized governance, collaboration, and sustainability. Together, let's shape a brighter future for funding Public Goods! 🚀🌟