Inverter Network

Fund and build on web3 with ease.

Overview of Inverter Network Imgur The Inverter dApp is inspired by Operations Portals that are used to fund over 1.2 trillion USD in development projects worldwide by organizations like the United Nations, World Bank, and European Union. Our goal is to connect the novel technologies of web3 with the established funding infrastructure of traditional organizations, in order to improve access to funding and promote distributed ownership for the builders and funders of the next generation of the internet, regardless of their backgrounds.

In simpler terms, Inverter is an "Operations Portal" for funders and projects to coordinate streamlining of performance based funding with integrated processes of treasury management & operations, one-for-all project funding management, on-chain equity and asset issuance, automated multi-asset funding & liquidation to a single asset, and project & credentials database.


Inverter Product Main Features TLDR:

Initial Release:

  • Milestone-based long-term project/workstream funding and joint funding with reduced overhead
  • Transparency around funded projects for communities
  • Organizations can manage and track incoming and funded proposals from one organizational page
  • Teams can have one standard proposal that can be used for applying to, streaming funding from, maintaining accountability with, and receiving continuous feedback from many organizations
  • Ability to withdraw funding from a project


  • Funder Treasury accounts that can run yield earning and diversification strategies with continuous payment abilities
  • On-chain milestone-based investment based on KPIs and due diligence
  • Multi-token funding with fluid funding governance
  • Convertible loans and customisable grant&investment programs
  • On-chain organization (DAO, Association, etc.) establishment
  • On/Offramp integrations for creating virtual debit cards and connecting to bank accounts
  • Community conviction signaling and matched funding