The Metaverse marketplace to create, sell and buy coaching products in VR

Revolutionizing the process of learning

Mindstreamers is a metaverse to create, buy and sell coaching products in VR and 3D. We are revolutionizing the $42 billion personal development market with a solution that allows users to break free from the constraints of time and place and move beyond the limitations of a screen. Users can experience their mentors up close in the metaverse to growth and develop their preferred skills. Together with their friends, they can attend a virtual seminar on the other side of the world or receive personal coaching translated into their native language without having to leave their living room. At Mindstreamers, we want to overcome the digital distance that currently prevails in online development products. Coaching providers will be enabled to create location-independent, immersive learning experiences in 3D and VR for their customers. The user is thus enabled to consume knowledge from home, which is not only more fun than an ordinary video course, but also remains in the memory significantly longer, as the user becomes an active part of a virtual learning experience. With our multi-chain token and customizable NFTs, users can enjoy a range of benefits within our ecosystem, including the ability to receive rewards for their growth and progress in a learn-to-earn model.

The problem we are solving

When it comes to personal development in today's world, consumers have two main options: online and offline.

Offline options, such as seminars or in-person coaching, are bound by location and schedule and require both time and money for transportation. The pandemic has also highlighted the challenges of being restricted in terms of physical mobility. Additionally, some regions may lack access to such offline opportunities (e.g. outbacks). Online options, while more flexible and accessible, have their own limitations. Online seminars or video courses can't provide the same level of effectiveness as in-person options, due to the lack of interaction and the temptation of distractions. Furthermore, some courses may not be available in certain languages and time zones, making it difficult for non-native speakers or individuals in different regions to participate. With Mindstreamers, we solve these problems by combining the best of both worlds. Using our marketplace, users can have an immersive and interactive experience with mentors in the virtual world, attend online seminars with friends from around the world, or receive personalized coaching in their native language, all from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, the use of 3D and VR technology allows for a more engaging and immersive learning experience, making it possible to overcome language barriers, time zone differences and geographical limitations. By providing these location-independent personal development opportunities, Mindstreamers intends to bridge the gap between online and offline options.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

By the ability to create immersive coaching products in VR, consumers can reach a deeper level of interaction and immersion, resulting in an intense learning and coaching experience.

The main difference between our non-crypto competitors and us is that in the products they offer, the participant is only a spectator and cannot be an active part of the training. This can be compared to watching a movie on television. How many viewers remember what was told or explained there? In our opinion, the role of the purely consuming student does not generate optimal learning success. More interaction is needed so that our brains can process & store this better. With our immersive products in 3D and Virtual Reality, the user is involved in the learning content. This allows us to significantly increase learning effectiveness. Several studies have shown that people's attention span is getting smaller. How quickly do you get distracted by your cell phone or the conversation of your colleagues and end up doing something else than you originally wanted to do? This phenomenon also affects 2D formats that are played in front of a screen. With VR glasses, however, things are different: there is no cell phone that distracts the consumer. In our metaverse, the user is a part of the world and - as long as he has the VR goggles on - he only sees this reality. We have found in our own tests that the attention span is much higher than in the real world. This creates completely new learning opportunities for us.

Through virtual reality, we are able to offer additional coaching products online that our non-crypto competitors do not provide. These include virtual seminars and 1:1 coaching sessions with clients from anywhere in the world without having to be physically present.

We translate all the products we offer into the world's most popular languages. This way we expand the amount of potential clients for each provider and thus globalize the local coaching markets.

We are not aware of any competitor in the crypto space that focuses on personal development industry and not on education in general.

Where we are at right now and where we want to go

We are currently at our first milestone - the front- and backend development of the platform-, which will continue until Q3 2023. At the moment, we are laying the foundation for all features that will be included in the Metaverse for the first launch, this encompasses our central marketplace, including the Networking Clubhouse and the Campus offering open online courses for the development of soft skills from universities. In parallel, we will start development of the first immersive VR course soon, which will be created in collaboration with a coach from the personal development industry.