Web3 onboarding to go from zero to on-chain crypto user in one place with rewards instead of cost

Unitap is an innovative onboarding tool designed to revolutionize the adoption of Web3.

How do we do it?

Our platform empowers new users by simplifying the process and eliminating barriers to entry into the world of cryptocurrencies. With Unitap, newcomers can effortlessly overcome the challenges of setting up a wallet, obtaining gas tokens, learning complex concepts & using blockchain tools.

Our user-friendly platform guides individuals through gamified experiences at each step of the onboarding journey. First, users learn how to safely install and work with a wallet, ensuring a secure foundation for their crypto activities. Next, Unitap provides a seamless solution for obtaining gas tokens on almost all major EVM networks, eliminating the need for fiat-to-crypto transactions or complex bridging processes.

Beyond wallets & gas tokens. We offer users the opportunity to acquire tokens for various crypto activities, enabling them to dive into the exciting world of Web3 projects. From swapping and providing liquidity to staking and voting, Unitap offers a comprehensive learning and earning experience.

Our stats. With over 4000 BrightID verified users and more than 60,000 claims on Gas Tap, we have already made significant strides.

Visit our website to learn more. https://unitap.app/