Trusted Seed Web3 + AI Unconference

Harnessing Web3 + AI Synergies for Public Goods

The upcoming Trusted Seed Web3 + AI Unconference marks an essential convergence of two pivotal sectors that will shape the future of digital technology. We endeavor to unite a diverse mix of innovative thinkers, engineers, developers, and entrepreneurs who are pushing the boundaries in Web3 and AI space. Your support will allow us to foster this rich environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing, paving the way for ground-breaking solutions for public goods.

We are seeking funding to help facilitate the successful execution of our Web3 + AI Unconference scheduled on June 14th-28th. The proposed funding will ensure the engagement of a comprehensive array of experienced speakers, hands-on workshops, and numerous networking opportunities. All are aimed at building a cohesive platform for thought leaders to explore the multifaceted synergies of Web3 and AI technologies. Together, we aim to inspire more meaningful conversations, collaborations, and transformative advancements in these interconnected fields.

The Unconference will offer numerous benefits to the Web3 and AI communities:

šŸŽÆ Cross-Pollination of Ideas: The Unconference brings together thought leaders and enthusiasts from Web3 and AI communities, creating a unique platform for exchanging ideas, collaboration, and innovation. This cross-pollination can lead to new synergies and advancements in both fields.

šŸŒ Public Goods & Ethical Considerations: This isn't just tech talk - we're exploring how Web3 and AI can serve public goods. Engaging in key discussions around ethical considerations, we're working to ensure these technologies truly benefit society.

šŸ¤ Building Strong Partnerships: The Unconference is an opportunity to build meaningful partnerships and collaborations. By creating a shared space for these two vibrant communities, it fosters networking and potential alliances that can lead to joint projects, shared resources, and mutual growth.

We are grateful for your consideration of our proposal and confident that this Unconference will serve as a vital catalyst in propelling the growth and innovation within the Web3 and AI communities.