The open source portfolio management tool that protects your privacy

rotki is an open source portfolio manager that protects your privacy. rotki strives to bring transparency into the crypto and financial sectors through the use of open source. The data of the app is stored locally and encrypted on users' own machines. It's what sets us apart from other similar services and is a conscious step towards giving users full sovereignty over their financial data.

We actively listen to the suggestion of our users, giving them part in deciding the next steps in which our app should develop. Users' voice is important in shaping the app's features. We offer a generous basic version, so our product can be used extensively without the need to purchase the premium subscription.

We have recently integrated ENS avatars in our app. They are displayed in various views including the accounts view and the transactions. ENS

What's more we show all ENS related transactions in a human readable way including but not limited to:

  • editing your ENS name,
  • adding attributes to ENS name,
  • updating your resolver,
  • registering an ENS name and more.


We plan to continue supporting ENS in various ways, such as adding human readable view of transactions involving participation in ENS governance.

We are able to operate thanks to our premium subscribers and various grants from our community. We appreciate any financial contribution that allows us to maintain our values, focus on privacy and transparency.