Kiwi News

Decentralized web3 Hacker News

TLDR? Check out this 4-minute pitch of Kiwi News by our founder Tim Daubensch├╝tz on Youtube!

What is Kiwi News

Reaching new people on the Internet is hard. So is finding great, non-mainstream quality content. As social media became the principal tool for distributing content, creators with fewer than 10k followers face an uphill battle to be noticed, even if their work is extraordinary.

It's especially true in web3 where Hacker News - once a leading forum for intellectual exchange - has become openly hostile towards crypto. Creators are thus relegated to sharing their content through Discord, Telegram, and various social media channels, praying that by a stroke of luck, someone will notice their work.

On the other hand, if you are a reader looking for great things, you need to check noisy social media newsfeeds and group chats, hoping to find the content needle in the haystack of unrelated posts.

That's why we created Kiwi News - to level the playing field and provide a platform for creators to be heard and for quality content to triumph. Even when it's not shared by the most popular kid in the room. Readers also benefit from that because they can now take a look at the community-curated links and uncover hidden gems in 5 minutes instead of digging on different social media for hours.

Our results so far

Since the beginning, we got 850+ users and 60+ NFT minters who can submit and upvote stories. We're still keeping the project under the radar because we want to polish the product before expanding further.

How is ENS involved:

Every user connects their wallet to submit or upvote stories. Their actions are tied to their Ethereum wallet address or ENS. Since addresses are hard to distinguish, this architecture incentivizes people to set up their ENS so they build their link scout reputation.

Why not build our own thing? Our upvotes and submissions are directed to an ENS name. All upvotes and submissions are signed EIP712 messages so that an on-chain reputation is directed to a user's ENS name.

We're aware of other social platforms, like Farcaster and Lens, are explicitly opting to create their own identity scheme, and we know that Warpcast plans to charge users to keep their identity.

We think that what they're doing is fair (and we're not criticizing it), but we also think that building on ENS, a composable and credible neutral identity standard is a more powerful move that'll reward us with more utility over the long term.

Visit our site or our community scoreboard to see the integration in action: