DAOhub: Revolutionizing Web3 with AI

Igniting Intelligence in the Web3 Ecosystem

DAOhub: Revolutionizing Web3 with AI-Driven Solutions

Product Demonstration

Executive Summary

DAOhub is redefining productivity and collaboration in the web3 ecosystem. Our AI-powered knowledge base integrates various tools used by web3 organizations, such as Notion, Telegram, Discord, and more, to provide a unified and streamlined operational platform. The current disjointed use of multiple tools is a major pain point for web3 organizations, and we are addressing this head-on.


Our goal is to empower web3 organizations with AI, automating complex tasks and information collation from different sources. By doing so, we will be boosting productivity and making operations more efficient.


With the ENS Grant, we plan to take our solutions further. We aim to allow our customers to create custom chatbots using their data, widening our AI application landscape. Use cases include an AI-based grant application scorer, a tweet creator using branding guidelines, an onboarding assistant, a governance assistant, and more. This expansion will drive adoption across the web3 landscape and lead to continuous improvement of our platform.

Demo Site

You can access the product page we created for Tron here: https://tron.daohub.xyz