Make a wish 11:11

Transferring wishes to the blockchain

About the project

Most people have their own desires and dreams that they would like to see fulfilled. However, they rarely come true unless we preserve or write them down because in the blockchain, we can store our wishes and dreams for eternity. It's the best opportunity to motivate everyone to take action and make them a reality. On a website, we can express our desires, upload an image, and store them on the blockchain and NFTs for a small fee, ensuring that we always carry them with us. You've probably heard of the mystical time of 11:11, as we have reserved this time as 11h11.eth, creating a space for wish fulfillment and sharing it with fellow community members who support and encourage each other's growth. Blockchain can be utilized in diverse and innovative ways. Some use it to generate income, while others aim to uplift and inspire people to evolve together.

Make a wish 11:11

Why is it worth voting for us and how will we use the funds received?

We want to show that blockchain is not just a place for earning money and speculation because we believe that we can bring people together in one place with their desires and dreams, and together we can store 1 million wishes on the blockchain. All funds will be used for smart contract deployment, marketing campaigns, project development, and support. We will also provide updates on the use of funds through our Twitter account.