Register your favourite ENS grail in 30+ languages.

ensgrails.io is a website that aims to build useful tools for the ENS community. Our first original feature (launched five days ago) is called the ‘Trenslator’.

The ‘Trenslator’ is a tool to register ENS domains in foreign languages, without the need to speak or understand these languages. Simply type your favourite ENS domain in English and press ‘Translate’. The website will translate the word you typed to 32 languages and show you the 32 matching ENS domains. Some of the 32 translations will be registered, and some will be unregistered.

When translation results are unregistered, you can add them to your bulk registration cart and register them directly. When translation results are already registered, it will show you their price (if listed for sale) and a link to the domain on Opensea.

Let me explain it with an example:

Let’s assume that, for you, the ultimate ENS grail is “loan.eth”. You go to the ‘Trenslator’ and type ‘loan.eth’. The website will show you that loan.eth is still available to register in 7 languages: Japanese, Danish, Estonian, Swedish, Norwegian, Slovak and Ukrainian. You may add them all to your bulk registration cart and register them in one transaction. Now you own loan.eth in 7 languages.

The ‘Trenslator’ helps you register domains in: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Russian, Italian, French, German, Swedish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Dutch, Czech, Latvian, Finnish, Bulgarian, Slovak, Estonian, Norwegian, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Danish and Hungarian. (Portuguese coming soon).

ensgrails.io currently works on computer only. Mobile coming soon.