Sofamon 🐰 - The crypto chrome extension buddy

Bring a cute bunny with ENS name to every people's screen

What is Sofamon?

Sofamon is a cute crypto chrome extension buddy. It can help people:

  1. Easily check ETH price and gas fee
  2. Navigate to the trending crypto projects
  3. Notify people interesting onchain activities
  4. Play with people when you feel tired and bored.
  5. Easily check other people's onchain identity on any crypto websites

And people can level it up and take care of it by caring more about the culture of blockchain, for example:

  1. Vote and submit proposals on ENS DAO/ Nouns DAO
  2. Create and collect more creative NFTs on Zora, Mirror, Manifold and many other protocols
  3. Owning a ENS name, Be a member of FWB, Boys club and other onchain identity

ENS and Sofamon

In order to encourage more people to have ENS names, Sofamon will give a ENS hoodie to every people who have ENS name. And people's ENS name will be displayed on Sofamon in every website they visit.

The progress

We've alreadly opened the alpha testing at the beginning of the month, feel free to DM us on twitter to get the waitlist. And we will start beta testign in the next few weeks