The First Categorization site Exclusive for ENS Domains in Spanish Language


Exclusive Site for ENS Domains in Spanish language


EnsEspañol is the first categorization platform for ENS domains in the Spanish language.

  • Our main goal is to organize the Spanish segment of ENS domains within the Global ENS registry and provide a friendly and intuitive interface for Users to Browse Search & discover ENS domains in Spanish Language


Ethereum Name Service allows the registration of web3 domains with a wide variety of possibilities, including the use of digits, emojis, special characters, and a diversity of words in different languages, resulting in a vast and varied registry of data.

  • Aiming to become mainstream and worldwide spread, ENS is a multicultural protocol an ENS domains in multiple languages are a BIG part of it, hence the need to develop tools for one of the biggest and largest spoken language arround the globe and serve the whole spanish speaking community within the ENS ecosystem with a platform that will provide tools and an added value to the discovery of domains in Español.

Key Features

1- Organic Library

The organic library of ENSespañol is the collection of data gathered in our backend, formed by all Spanish words existing in the RAE dictionary (Royal Spanish Academy) including all their conjugations and plural forms. It also includes the collection of categorized domains in our platform by users providing a total set of more than 650,000 words in spanish

The organic library is a fundamental part of ENSespañol as it serves as our encyclopedia that allows the recognition of all words in the Spanish language and is also fed by the domains added and registered by users in the Ethereum Name Service. This enables us to label and classify them more easily.


2- Multiple Categories Relevant to the Spanish Language

We group and classify the diversity of domains into relevant areas, groups, and subgroups for more intuitive navigation.


3- Automatic Label Tag "ESPAÑOL"

Our platform automatically detects most ENS domains formed by Spanish words, allowing users to certify or confirm that the domain is relevant to the Spanish language by providing a label TAG ¨español¨


4- Spanish Recognition Request

ENSespañol allows users to submit an ENS domain to be recognized with the "ESPAÑOL" label tag, moderated by our staff. As long as the domain consists of Spanish words, it can be accepted.


5- Adding to Categories

We openly allow users to request the categorization of an ENS domain in Spanish into one of the categories that are part of our architecture in order to classify and organize the data of ENS domains. This also provides added value and educational information for domain buyers.

Every user has access to their profile on our platform and can view their spanish domains in the multiple categories that our site provides, giving and added value to your portfolio information.


6- Categorization Status

When an ENS domain in Spanish is submitted for categorization or added to a category, you can see the status of the request (Pending / Approved) and the reason for rejection if it is not approved.

All approval and moderation of requests are managed by our team and staff of ENSespañol, who are native Spanish speakers from various countries in Latin America and Spain.


7- Global Search Engine and Advanced Search

ENSespañol provides real-time reading of records in the Ethereum Name Service, allowing us to offer a global search engine to filter and search for domains among the nearly 3 million records.

  • The best way to navigate the data of ENS domains in Spanish and filter your search more specifically is with the help of our Advanced Filters, where you can select a variety of options for a more precise search. The advanced filters can choose character length, inclusion or exclusion of words, searches with or without emojis and digits, as well as with special characters.



8- Bulk Search

An advanced option for massive domain search to check their availability status (available/unavailable). Our search option works with the latest official Normalization library of ENS DAO.


9- Statistics and Data in Spanish

The collection and organization of data allows us to show you important numbers regarding the state of ENS registrations in Spanish in relation to the Ethereum Name Service globally


10- Real Time Suggestion Search Bar

Ensesp.io is the first site to provide a real time suggestion search bar based on our set of data from the Organic library, giving the users a wider chance to discover new spanish domains. Our Search bar also works with the full Ens registry records in real time.

Last But Not least


EnsEspañol is a community tool created by a group of 4 members of the spanish community in search for a bigger adoption of ENS domains in spanish language, because we consider important and relevant the multicultural aspect of the Ethereum Name Service protocol and we embrace the journey of creating tools that will serve the community trough our journey in web3. Ensespañol and ensesp.io is a self funded project and we need your help to continue growing