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IRL meetup and virtual sessions by one of the largest educational communities in LATAM ๐Ÿ™Œ ๐Ÿ™Œ

TL;DR of the proposal

Espacio Cripto is the largest web3 educational community in Mexico and one of the largest in LATAM. We started in 2020 by producing a podcast with educational content that inspires curiosity about web3. Today we scaled to produce a podcast and host monthly meetups in Mexico City, and we have a really active and engaged community with more than 1,600 members. Visit it here: We are applying for this grant to execute the following ENS-specific activities:

  • An IRL event in Mexico City about ENS for more than 50 people. We have executed a monthly community meetup since February 2022; see the video of our last meetup here: Expected results: recording of the sessions, at least 50 people assisting the IRL event,

  • Produce a virtual educational session specific for ENS; we deliver fortnightly educational sessions about web3. See the most recent one here . Expected results: session with at least 50 people online and publishing of the session on our YouTube channel and social media.

  • We have a newsletter with over 1,100 subscribers; weโ€™ll send one edition about ENS and include a banner of ENS for three weeks. See the newsletter here: Expected results: At least 400 people reading the newsletter and seeing the banner.

We recorded an episode with vegayp.eth (Eduardo Vega), PG Steward at ENSDAO, where we discussed how ENS is a public good; our community loved the episode. We want to continue creating education about ENS; listen to the episode here:

Read more about Espacio Cripto here ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

About you Espacio Cripto

Espacio Cripto was started by me Abraham Cobos, and Lalo Rios. Lalo and I met at a crypto conference in 2018; we started being friends on that day and kept in touch for the upcoming years. In August 2020, Lalo and I reconnected and started ideating around starting a new podcast; that's when we began Espacio Cripto Podcast. This project was born to create high-value crypto content in Spanish; we want to help people understand crypto most impartially and positively. We never speculate on prices and always try to keep a realistic view of this fantastic industry. We believe in the Espacio Cripto Education Triad: high-quality content, decentralization, and simplicity. Espacio Cripto is a community that brings people together to learn about crypto and web3 inclusively.

We're really grateful for applying to ENS small grants. Here are some of our achievements:

  • Our North Star: Espacio Cripto's community grew significantly during the last months. We went from having 556 to 1,641 community members in Telegram in the previous year, a growth of 295%. This is an active group with an engagement of more than 35% (readers and writers). We went from having 51 episodes to having 181 as of May 25, 2023. We produced more than 110 hours of educational content. We think long term, our goal is to have at least 1,000 episodes.
  • During the last year, we've got more than 115,000 downloads.
  • According to our 2022 Spotify wrapped, we were in the top 10 podcasts for +23,000 people, top 5 for 17,000 people, and top 1 for almost 6,000 people. We're really proud of that impact.
  • According to Spotify, we were the top technology podcast in Mexico for 198 days.
  • Our channels grew a lot: Instagram followers: from 1,889 to 5,604, a growth of 296% Twitter followers: from 2,749 to 6,697, an increase of 243% Newsletter: from 489 to 1,180, an increase of 241% -We gave a scholarship to 9 community members to assist Devcon. The Ethereum Foundation helped us with the tickets, and we provided accommodation for the community.

Here is our 2023 community deck, where we explain our community focus and how we understand our audience.

The team

Abraham - Name of the role: Host and founder Main responsibilities: content producer, guest relationships, sponsorship management, grant management. Background: Iโ€™ve been in the crypto space since 2016; in 2018 I founded one of the first regulated crypto funds in Mexico. From May 2020 to November 2022, I was Head of Crypto at Bitso, leading the Crypto Strategy area. I was responsible for new listings, trend analysis, and creating business cases for bleeding-edge crypto products. This involvement in the strategic decision-making of the most important exchange in LATAM has helped me build a valuable network of guests for Espacio Cripto. My main interests in the crypto space: helping people understand crypto in simple terms, with accurate information, and without overselling the industry; the NFT space is something that Iโ€™m deeply passionate about lately because I think that NFTs are the ultimate mass adoption trojan horse to web3.

Lalo - Name of the role: Host and founder Main responsibilities: Content producer, community head, operations lead. Background: Building products to go beyond the present. โ€จโ€จHead of Partnerships & B.D. at KillB, Espacio Cripto founder and host, DAO contributor, and content creator in the crypto ecosystem. With a degree in Finance and a financial advisor license. Currently working at KillB โ€“ as a Partnerships & B.D., A company focused on building infrastructure providing web3 services such as on-off ramps, USD saving, and local stable coins to banks, exchanges, and fintech companies worldwide. Previously I worked as Head of Crypto at Movii, a +4M user NeoBank in Colombia, leading the development of web3-related products. Movii was the 1st bank in Colombia to offer crypto regulated by the SFC in the crypto sandbox. Movii is a bank backed by Square with the mission to bank the unbanked in Latin America At Bitso, I worked as Product Owner, the biggest exchange in Latin America, building financial and WEB 3 products. I have also had experience building products for LATAM's most important financial companies, such as the Peruvian Stock Exchange, Corficolombiana, CITIBanamex, and Santander. In 2020 I founded Espacio Cripto with Abraham, and the journey has been incredible from me learning to edit audio and video at the beginning, to becoming the most listened-to crypto-related podcast in Latin America in less than a year and one of the most important communities in the region. Main interests in crypto space: DAOs, and Educational Content.

Diego Name of the role: Crypto analyst Main responsibilities: Researcher, content producer, innovating learning experiences. Background: Iโ€™m a Computer Engineer with a deep love for finance, security, and privacy. Iโ€™ve been in the crypto ecosystem for around four years. Iโ€™ve been with Espacio Cripto for a year doing research mainly focused on creating quality content for Spanish-speaking communities and finding new ways to make the crypto learning journey much more accessible and entertaining for everyone. Iโ€™m also the lead researcher for our weekly news recap Navegando. Main interests in the crypto space: blockchain, privacy, web3 currencies, and new investment forms.

Vale - Name of the role: Marketing lead and designer Main responsibilities: Create a strategy and deliver snackable content for users based on the look & feel of the Espacio Cripto. Background: Iโ€™m part of Espacio Criptoโ€™s team and Founder of Metagals, a women's community to educate people about web3. My expertise is focused on growing digital communities based on data understanding for creating brand narratives, identifying trends, user clusterization, content creation, and media marketing solutions to build brands that impact people's lives. My experience has been enriched by working in different industries, such as beauty brands, food, beverages, automobiles, and technology. For over seven years, the recognition of the understanding of consumers' needs has helped me to grow Metagals & build in Espacio Cripto in two main things: the development of the user journey and content creation for all Latins who want to find safe space in web3 environments in their native language. In Metagals, I am the Co-founder, content & user experience lead. Also, in web2, I work in a creative agency as Planning Lead for brand and communications strategies. Main interests in the crypto space: Helping women to understand web3 with snackable information to feel free to experience their knowledge in the next internet generation. Connect with women-led projects, and finally, I am waiting and ready to live the metaverse in its best version.

Fede Name of the role: Operations analyst Main responsibilities: Supervise the content and coordinate release for the Newsletter and Podcast, develop and update procedures to improve performance, enhance workflow, and cross-departmental engagements. Background: International Relations and Commerce B.A. Business development, customer service, and project management for multiple service providers. Main interests in the crypto space: Trading, DAOs, NFTs, and educational crypto content.

Gabo - Name of the role: Strategic Design Main responsibilities: Research and create an emerging approach to decision-making by identifying business growth opportunities through systems, future, and design thinking best practices. The strategic design will position the team as a human-focused and costumer-centricity bridge towards business development. Background: Worked in Learning and Development for almost 8 years within the tech and hospitality industry by building design systems and enhancing innovative learning experience Sesign with user research and future foresight. M.S. in Strategic Design and Innovation, currently working at Uber.

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