Rewarding 67 activists from 20 countries with ENS

Impact onboarding with ENS


1 ETH for giving 40 workshops IRL at 40 different cities in 20 LATAM countries and giving away ENS domains to 67 participants.


Thanks to donors in Gitcoin and Giveth we have already created the first immersive postCapitalist course that intersects web 3.0 tech (Blockchain, XR, and Ai) with urban activism.

We teach among many other things about decentralized identities where ENS is a part of. Our courses are free for all and immersive. Immersive because in every level of each course the apprentices need to complete a challenge to continue their learning path.

The challenge of the Blockchain's 5th level is creating a Gitcoin Passport. The apprentice gets more points if an ENS is created, and a tutorial is offered.


  1. Most changemakers outside of crypto may not find our courses, and if they do, starting their learning path might get lost in the daily noise of internet and other life duties.
  2. Mainnet fees are unexpected and for many regions of the world, including LATAM they are restrictive.


  1. If changemakers do not come to us, we are reaching them at their neighborhood! One week-long IRL sessions with meetups and movie nights on the weekends. Two weeks per city, 40 cities from 20 countries.

  2. Having a dedicated budget for giving away ENS to the workshop attendees.


In our online courses we share about multiple web3 domain names, and even if getting an ENS is part of a challenge, it is an optional challenge due to unexpected gas fees plus the cost of the domain.

If we get this small grant we will deliver a special ENS-dedicated 25 min-long workshop at each of the 40 cities. This workshop will cover:

-What is ENS -How to get one -What uses can one give to your recently acquired ENS

At these workshops we would like to give away ENS domains (including the gas fees) to those changemakers that have attended the first 5 sessions (Web 3.0, Blockchain, Wallets, DAOs, DIDs) and have completed their respective challenges.

Use of budget

The 1 ETH will be entirely used to cover the gas fees and the ENS cost of as many people as possible. With 1 ETH we expect to cover the costs of approx. 67 people.

The 67 people was calculated at the following parameters: Gas: 31,7 Gwei 1 year registration cost: 0,0028 ETH Est. network fee: 0,0120 ETH Estimated total: 0,0148 ETH 1 ETH = ~67 ENS of 1 year


What if 1 ETH could cover more than 67 people? Well, we will give away moar ENS domains!

How many changemakers do you plan to graduate in the whole LATAM trip? Our goal are 300 changemakers from 40 cities of 20 countries. 67 people is not near enough to cover them but we are grateful for what you the ENS community can help with.

How is Urbánika going to report the evidence of the ENS giveaway? Upon completing a level the apprentice gets a knowledge certificate through Ethereum Attestation Service. In it, the metadata shows the challenge the apprentice completed and any other relevant fact, such as being rewarded with a ENS DAO's sponsored domain.

And also we will issue a Twitter, Lenster, and Farcaster post on the number of ENS awarded through the support of this community.

Want to know moar?

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