Metaverse classroom

Autodidact & immersive learning

A self-paced, immersive, fun, and personalized learning experience

Urbánika was offered this hyperfy classroom by a friend. However, this world is not ours and may be used for other purposed on the future. We would like to ask our friend to create a mini-world where everyone willing to learn can take our free courses in a light-weight and fun metaverse (you can load it with your phone).

If the ENS community decides to fund this, we all will be making history by funding the first activist-oriented metaverse classroom on postCapitalism, Blockchain, and Ai.

What's the best out of it? Well, several things! 0. The world is a NFT!

  1. Anyone can enter without the need to register.
  2. Thousands can enter and learn simultaneously at their own pace or in group, interacting with voice and with chat.
  3. As Urbánika has challenges in its courses, we can re-design our challenges to make them game-like with NPCs that request the challenges and react when completing them!
  4. We can put a Thank You wall where to praise everyone that helps making it happen!

Specific ENS proposal

Well, our blockchain course already teaches about ENS. It offers a challenge within the Decentralized Identity (DID) level where the apprentices is prompted to register a ENS.

We would like to test the metaverse-experience of completing challenges by having a circuit of ENS-related challenges such as:

  1. Registering your ENS domain through the normal dApp or through
  2. Creating a web3 website using your recently acquired ENS through
  3. Creating a web3 community through or Nfty
  4. Signing a document with your ENS domain through EthSign

Use of budget

The budget will be used to create the metaverse classroom, add all our courses, and add a circuits of challenges above mentioned. If budget allows we would like to also add a NPC that interacts with the apprentices at each of the challenges.

Want to know more, contribute, or just have questions? DM us at or at DM Humberto, the founder, at or at