ENS Subdomain Subscription

Earn income without selling your primary ENS


Double's ENS subscription feature hopes to provide a platform for ENS domain name users to freely choose how they wish to grant subscribers access to subdomains.

At present, if there are many subdomains to be registered they can only be registered one at a time, which is time-consuming, expensive and labor intensive. The subdomain of different primary ENS are in the same collection, it is not convenient to view subdomain data of the same primary ENS.

For Double ENS subscription, there will be independent collection for each primary ENS. The primary ENS owner can set an whitelist to restrict who can mint the subdomain, and set the subscription price.

Contracts Adresses

  • baseURI: 0x592A811F15f10FEacE63dCE6a46840E595130a84
  • subDomainNFT: 0xe5Fc3056361Bf0E91442b01599E4C50490fE53DC
  • minter_proxy: 0xD2940B2239DBD67f6d54825e59497590345190DD
  • market_proxy: 0x58Ea4C71ed0C34c15b521fE443e3F6E5155C0678