ENS Leasing

Earn income without losing your ownership of ENS

Double Introduce

The Double Protocol is an open-source protocol for lending and renting ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs.

In the existing ERC-721, there is only one role, owner. The owner is in charge of all the rights and interests such as ownership, user rights, and mortgage rights. Thus, many products achieve leasing by way of lending. They transfer the full ownership to the renter through the security of over collateral, which is not only too costly but also exposes the lender to the risk of loss of ownership.

To improve the experience of NFT rental, it is necessary to separate the NFT user and owner. What’s more, it needs to comply with the characteristics of the user right, such as valid in a fixed duration and expiring at a certain time, etc..

Double ENS collection

There is ENS collection on double.one, some details for this collection:

  • when a lender list an ENS on double.one, Double Protocol will transfer the ENS NFT to Double contract
  • when a renter rents an ENS, Double Protocol will set the controller to the renter
  • when the rental expiries, the lender can redeem his ENS NFT.

Relative Contract Addresses