ENS Data

Get ENS records in JSON format for an address — no login, no infra required

ENS Data

ENS Data — ensdata.net

Look up Ethereum Name Service text records for any address and get them back in convenient JSON format.

I'm currently in the middle of a big refactor trying to speed up responses with extra layers of cache and quicker offchain ENS resolving.

ENS Data is a tiny but powerful headless API that's free for everyone. Use it in your web2 app, web3 app, or even outside of it!

Perfect tool for pre-filling people's profiles with their ENS records, displaying their avatars in your app, checking people's social media handles, resolving ENS names to addresses for airdrops, getting a primary address of an ENS name, pulling in data into DAO spreadsheets or other productivity apps, you name it...

All without having to set up your own resolvers and running up lots of extra hits on your Infura/Alchemy plan. Small community apps and and nonconventional projects should really benefit from this approach.

Over 280,000 requests served!

ENS Data has served over 280k requests since launch earlier this year, proving to be a useful backbone to web3 infrastructure.

Notable features:

  • Return ENS text records in a JSON format.
  • Find a wallet's primary ENS by providing an address.
  • Get avatars for wallets.
  • Turn those annoying EIP155:1/ERC721 records into image URLs that can be displayed anywhere.
  • Support for resolving emoji and non-standard Unicode names.
  • Initial requests are cached for 48 hours so subsequent API calls are blazing fast.

What will this grant be used for?

  • Covering expenses of running the infrastructure for providing this API and keeping it free for everyone in the community for many years.
  • Additional improvements and development.
  • Providing support for developers and non-developers wanting to use ENS Data.

Thank you, 💕 ENS!