Filter wallets by their ENS name

Full-text search by the ENS name

RA app app enable mass filtering and analysis of wallets based on multiple criteria. Currently we allow searching by last activity date, USD balance, cashflow, credit risk scoring and amount of premium NFT. Imagine finding 1,000+ recently active wallets that holds 10 premium NFTs or more with the USD balance > 100.000.

Would be cool to add capability to search by ENS: user enters "vitalik" and see wallets "vitalik1.eth", "vitalik2.eth" and even "vitaliko.eth".

Another scenario would be to upload CSV of addresses of interest and see their ENS names in one place. While working on RociFi on-chain credit score, we saw many users who tried to bypass sybil resistance and create many different accounts to farm, and significant part of these were using very similar ens.names, with the small Levenshtein distance. So seeing ENS names for a given cohort of addresses can be useful to cluster them.