ENS Spaceship: ENS-owned Smart Account

Our team has proposed EIP-4972 to give all ENS users a ready-to-use AA-compatible smart account

Project Abstract

Our team has proposed EIP-4972, an extension proposal for the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), aiming to provide all ENS users with a readily available AA-compatible smart account. By implementing this extension, each ENS name can be used to derive a unique AA-compatible smart account, exclusively deployable by the domain name owner, enabling immediate receipt of cryptocurrencies. Considering that the majority of ENS names are currently controlled by EOA, we believe that this dual-account setup would enhance the usability of ENS names. With the inclusion of a smart account derived from an ENS name, the ENS name itself gains the ability to hold status and information, potentially unlocking additional use cases and increasing the value of ENS names. Aside from this proposal, we want to bridge the community of Account Abstraction and the community of ENS together, we believe there will be huge potential with these two communities together.



There are mainly two components we aim to deliver:

  1. The domain name to smart account address mapping. We will implement an extension of the ENS registry with the name to the name-owned account address mapping.
  2. An example implementation of the AA-compatible smart account. We will release/deploy our own implementation of the smart account.
  3. At least one wallet or dApp integration. We will integrate with one wallet or dApp to demonstrate how ENS users can use their smart accounts to receive/send ETHs and interact with other smart contracts.

The success of the project could be measured by:

  1. If the project is delivered on time
  2. The number of new smart accounts deployed
  3. The transaction volume interacted with the smart accounts


Our project will help extend the current ENS usability and allow ENS names to hold status and values. All our work will be open and shared by the whole community, including but not limited to the following items:

  1. The implementation of EIP-4972 will be open-sourced and the deploy accounts on-chain is permissionless so they could be shared by the community.
  2. The SDK to integrate EIP-4972 with wallet/dApps will be open-sourced as well.

Grant Scope

We are going to implement ERC-4972 and research how to integrate the smart account with existing wallets and dApps with minimum effort. The output would be an open-sourced implementation and proper SDK/documentation/guides/gitbook for the community to integrate.

Project Team

Our team members:

  • Peter Chen, Project owner, 80 hours per month
  • Shu Dong, Author of EIP-4972, EIP-6662, Tech lead, 40-60 hours per month
  • Zihao Chen, Core Engineer, 40-60 hours per month


EIP-4972: Name Owned Accounts: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/pull/4972


  1. Regarding the implementation of EIP-4972, our team intends to release a smart contract that will allow for the mapping of ENS names owned by an individual or organization to their corresponding AA-compatible smart accounts. This smart contract will facilitate the creation of a dual-account system, where ENS owners can quickly deploy a smart account that is compatible with Account Abstraction to receive and manage their cryptocurrencies.
  2. Once the codebase for the implementation of EIP-4972 has been deployed, our team plans to engage with the current ENS community to seek their support and feedback. we intend to provide clear documentation and instructions on how to use the name-owned account smart contract and derive AA-compatible smart accounts from ENS names. This documentation will be made available to the community and will be regularly updated to address any issues or feedback received. By engaging with the community, we hope to gain valuable insights into how we can further improve and optimize the EIP-4972 implementation to meet the needs of the ENS user base.
  3. In addition to engaging with the ENS community, our team plan to seek partnerships with existing wallets and dApps to integrate the name-owned account smart contract into their platforms, making it easier for users to derive AA-compatible smart accounts from their ENS names. This integration will provide a seamless and straightforward process for users to manage their cryptocurrencies and interact with the Ethereum network.


Milestone 1, End of June 2023, Our team intends to release a smart contract that enables the creation of AA-compatible smart accounts from ENS names. This smart contract will facilitate the seamless transition from EOA to smart accounts for ENS users, streamlining the process of managing cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum network. The smart contract will be released with clear documentation and instructions. We will also ensure that the smart contract is thoroughly tested and audited to guarantee its safety and reliability.

Milestone 2, End of Q3, 2023, we intend to be actively involved in the ENS and AA communities, seeking feedback and support from community members. We plan to participate in community forums, discussions, and events related to ENS and Account Abstraction to gather feedback and address any concerns or issues raised by the community. By engaging with the community, we hope to gain valuable insights into how we can further improve and optimize the EIP-4972 implementation and promote its adoption.

Milestone 3, End of Q4, 2023: Our goal is to have at least one partnership and implementation of EIP-4972 to an existing wallet or dApp, sharing our vision for promoting the adoption of Account Abstraction and enhancing the user experience. Through these partnerships, we hope to create a more accessible and user-friendly ecosystem for managing cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum network.