The most Powerful & Beautiful Web3 Social Portal and Relation Protocol in the ENS ecosystem.

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The most Powerful & Beautiful Web3 Social Portal and Relation Protocol.


Nextme is committed to bringing on-chain and off-chain data and social scenarios to life. Mainly serving creators and brand owners, it can help ENS users quickly build an official website, blog, resume, landing page, badge/NFT Drops, community, square, etc., free and light, beyond many link1, link2... link in bio and other products, more efficient and exquisite to achieve brand display, business growth, product sales, etc.


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After more than 2 months of Nextme public testing, the number of wallet users has exceeded 100,000, more than 103,181 users have created and shared their own portals, and more than 30,600 users have received the official Social3 DID SBT. Early users of TokenPocket, CoolWallet, BuidlerDAO, AvatarDAO and other social media on the whole network export their brand influence and unique product entrance through Nextme; in addition, they also cooperate with ENS, Lens, BNB, OKX, Element, Cointime, Rainbow, thirdweb, DeBox, 100+ excellent partners such as JpegPalace have established cooperative relationships; at the same time, it has also attracted blue-chip Holders such as BAYC, Azuki, Punks, and several photographers, bloggers, and KOLs (1 million+ fans) to use and spread word of mouth.

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